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I’m Dana. I am proud to have honed my current event philosophy as a successful women-owned business. Details are the key to any successful endeavor. Listen to your clients’ needs, outline their goals, and concentrate on nailing those all-important particulars. Equally as important is to instill trust in your Team, inspire them to succeed, to share ideas freely, and to openly ask questions. Finally, strive for perfection through planning - while not every event will be perfect, you can make a plan to ensure the attendees feel it was a perfect event, worth their time, and a memorable experience!

Hello, meet Dana Twyman
Dana Twyman; Compnay Owner

I got my start in merchandising, where I mastered organization and refined my eye for design. I was then fortunate enough to combine my retail knowledge with my wealth of experience volunteering and planning various events for my daughters, family, and friends into a successful marketing career. I loved the challenges that came with each new client and program. In 2016, after many years in the corporate marketing industry producing countless training, product launch, and roadshow events for Fortune 500 companies, I was longing for the opportunity to be more hands-on and get back to my creative roots. Starting my own event planning and design agency has allowed for more creative freedom and a client focused, concierge level of attention.


I am so proud of how far we’ve come and am looking forward to expanding our business by collaborating on fresh and exciting events for our existing and future clients. I hope we get to work together on something soon!

Company Logos: Amazon, AT&T, Best Buy, Blackberry, Coca-Cola, Corian, Cricket Wireless, DirectTV, MetroPCS, Dogswell, Epson, Google, HTC, HP, ITW, Kraft, MarketStar, Microsoft, Motorola, Nescafe, Nokia, Norton, Rogers, Samsung, Scotwork, Sprint, Stanley, TMobile, Tanium, Xbox, Verizon
Brand Collaborations
Kind Words; Client Testimonials

"Dana is extremely detail oriented and always goes above and beyond for her customers. No is never an option. I have never seen anyone work so hard at making sure every little detail is taken care of. She is smart, dedicated and very talented. It's always a pleasure doing business with her."

- Grace Ontiveros

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